Friday, September 12, 2008

Is there a baby in your belly?

Yes this is what Mia asked me today. Um no sweetie, Mommy is just fat. Its you and your brothers fault. Thank you.

Lucky for me I found this today

And not a moment too soon.

So head on over and track my progress or join for yourself. Happy dieting :)


Tena said...

You stop it right now!
You are a fine looking mama and I just saw your bootie in a swimsuit!

Ambies <3 said...

HaHa you are so not fat! I know how you feel though when YOU arent happy with your body. Good luck getting to where you want to be!

devri said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love meeting new people, come anytime, comment anytime, I will hop on over and comment too-

Here's my comment-

Dieting sucks, fat sucks, it's not our fault right?

I am doing a biggest loser, you go girl, I might have to join yours too.

ps. Ladybugs smell like penutbutter because of all the little sticky hands that hold them..

Cheryl said...

Children's comments are so! :) My daughter asked if she caused my "jiggly" legs....