Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Warning: This post will contain lots of bitching, complaining, and possible name calling. If thats your sort of thing pull up a chair, grab a snack, and enjoy the show.

Lately I feel like I need to set up shop in downtown New Port Richey right next to the kids doctor's office. It started with getting them set up with a new doc. Then we had to get Mia's stuff for school (which I still have to go pick up sometime this week), then Mason had a rash, and then the kids got sick. Last Wednesday Mia woke up in the middle of the night and puked everywhere. It was in Grandma's bed so you can go ahead and laugh. The next few days she was fine. Then the weekend came around and she was miserable, coughing, sneezing, runny nose (back to school anyone?). Sunday night she started screaming her ear hurt "in the middle". So Monday morning we were at the doctor again. Turns out she had a MAJOR double ear infection. They also did a rapid strep test which came back negative. Tuesday she woke up a new woman so I sent her butt to school. Fast forward to tonight. The doctor calls and says her culture (the one they do in the petrie dish) for strep came back positive. Lovely. Too late now, she's been in school for two days with it already.

But guess what I get to do tomorrow?? Take Mason in. He is so unhappy. He better not have strep. Last night he had me up at hours that are not cool to be up at unless you are 21, childless, and cant remember how you got home.

Which brings me to my next bitch-fest. There are no Starbucks in Port Richey. What. The. Fuck? Obviously I need coffee after being up at God awful hours last night. What kind of city is this????? Wait, rewind. There is a Starbucks in Port Richey, but its on the dang mall. So that means that first of all I have to wait till 10am to get coffee. Who still needs coffee at 10am?? I'm already working on my 3rd or 4th caffeinated drink by then. Second, if I want Starbucks, I have to get out of the car (!), get the kids out of the car, and then walk half the length of the mall and possibly run into someone from high school who I could care less about and sure has hell don't feel like talking to. Get with the program Po Dunk!

I'm not done yet.....

Yesterday I picked Mia up from school and her teacher starts talking to me. This is how it goes:

Miss A-"There is something I've been noticing about Mia and I was just wondering if its only here or if she is like this at home too...."


Miss A-"She seems very.....fidgety. Like she cant....."

Me-"sit still??"

Miss A-"Yeah. Its like, I get her started on one project and 2 seconds later she's ready to do something else"

Me-"Oh, she gets that from her father, he cant sit still either."

Mia is walking out the door at this point so I smile, say good bye, and follow her out. Wait a second! Is her teacher trying to insinuate something?? No. She's three. Miss A has a room of three year olds. Surely Mia isn't the only one who cant sit still right? But if they're all like that, why is she bringing this up to me? Did she just try to tell me that Mia has ADD???

Now its later that afternoon and I'm on my way to go tanning. Yes its bad, I know. I've heard it all before. Please save the cancer and "one day you're gonna look like Shayne's mom off the Bachelor" speeches. Everyone has vices. Some people drink, some people smoke, some are home wrecking whores. I go tanning. Get over it.

Whoa. Way off track. Back to thinking about what the teacher said about Mia. I'm driving along and the thought finally hits me. Mia doesn't have ADD she is just a genius and preschool is not challenging enough for her. Sounds good to me :)


Ambies <3 said...

Good news! When Ethan had strep (horribly bad, 107 temp and all) the doctors reassured me that Kadence would not get it, and if she did it does not affect her in any way. Something about kids under two! So thats the good news I guess. I hope he doesnt have anything serious =(

Amanduh Huggenkiss said...

Sounds to me like Mia is just not being challenged enough! You have a smarty pants on your hands!!! I love tanning. I need to find me a place out here. Rich makes fun of me for wanting to tan in FL.

Allison said...

ADD at 3... really? I was in the teaching field and got so tired of teachers saying that a child with energy had to have ADD!

I just changed my daughters' pediatrician and feel like I am making a name for myself with how many times I have been there!