Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You will probably never hear me say this again....

But I cannot wait to go to my doctors appointment in the morning! And its not
just a regular check up kind of appointment (do adults even still get these??).
Its my girly appointment.

Why am I so eager to get felt up by a little asian man?? Because I have had
the last two days from hell and I'm looking forward to the "alone" time.

But seriously, a 2 year old with a double ear infection that REFUSES to be out
of my arms for 36 straight hours, a dog that chew my brand new doormat and then
tracks dirt all through my clean house, a crink in my neck that has prevented me
from looking to the right all day, and a 4 year old her informed me her friends
are coming over on Sunday (because Emily is busy on Friday) for a fashion show
and makeovers, is enough to send anyone to their gyno begging for an

1 comment:

Beck said...

LOL, so funny...and SO true! I was looking forward to grocery shopping like you wouldn't believe! Grocery shopping! Sad ): LMAO