Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A trip to the dentist deserves cookies!

Right?! What better way to reward my daughter for being such a trooper when she had to get cavities filled than with more cavities, I mean cookies.

Here is the kit she picked at Toys R Us.

The ingredients.

All dressed up and ready to bake.

Pouring the batter

Our first attempt at egg cracking.


Mixing it all up.

Quality control.

Time to roll out the dough.

The Fairy.


Practicing how to decorate the fairy while the actual cookie is baking.

Time to decorate

the finished project.

All in all I know this was a really fun time for Mia but next time, its store bought dough and icing :) Here's to keeping dentists in business!


Crazy Book Slut said...

she is proud and super cute in her baking dress

Rae said...

Great cookies! I had the same kitchen when my hubby was in the Navy and we lived in housing! The cabinets and counters are complete deja vu!!