Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Television Tuesday!

So I've decided to do a little blogging about some of the shows I just caught up on. This might be my thing for Tuesdays :)

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!I'm going to talk about the Mole and Date My Ex so if you havent watched yet dont read ahead!!

Ok, so The Mole. This is only my first season of watching all the way through and let me tell you, I am BAD at guessing who the mole is. Every dang week I say, "I think so and so is the mole" and what do you know, they are the ones executed. I was so sure it was Kristy (the blonde girl) from the beginning but I was wrong. Then I had my eye on Clay. Wrong again sister! This week I was pretty sure it was Paul. WRONG! I suck, so I'm done guessing. Good thing its almost over HAHA!

Before I talk about Date My Ex: Jo and Slade I should put out a little disclaimer. I am shamelessly in love with cheesy reality shows. If there is a support group out there called reality show watchers anonymous I should be in it, seriously. Ok back to the shows.

In case you've never seen this show Jo and Slade used to be engaged back on the Real Housewives of the OC (shout out to my OC girls!). Well they broke up for a million and one reasons and now she's trying to date again. And who does she ask for help? Her ex fiance of course, duh. So anyway, these guys come and date her and blah blah blah, same old dating show stuff. Well here is my beef with the show this week. Lets lay off the spray tan boys. Holy cow they were orange. It looks terrible. And WTF is up with Slades sense of style. No one looks cool in a crocheted beret, no one. I dont care how much money you have. I really liked Ali but I guess Lucas (spray tan moron #1) will be a good match for her too. We'll see as the show progresses.

Ok I think thats it for the shows. But right now I'm finally reading Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella. I've had so many library books I never got around to reading this one but I'm glad I am now. I missed some good 'ol chic lit.

ps. I also need some recommendations for a good chick movie, or just good movie in general. Keith will probably be going out of town next weekend so I want some ideas. Obviously it has to be rental and I dont care if its a new release or an old movie, just something good!

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Allison said...

Saw that you joind MBC so I came by to see a different blog!!

I watched the mole when it was celebrities so it is weird to see actual normal day to day people on the show. I have missed so many that I stopped watching. I will probably catch the repeats online!