Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm love-able, Tena says so!

I got my first award! Go me :)

Tena (thats with an "e"!!) says my blog is love-able and who am I to argue?? Tena is awesome!! She's so much fun and she's the mama to three wild and crazy boys so her blog is always a good read. Plus her middle boy is the male version of my Mia so we understand each other. We're both doomed HAHA. But anyway, thanks for the award Tena.


So here's how it works, I need to pass this one to four of my love-able friends. Here they are with no order to their loveable-ness

1. Rachel- Her blog is always fun to read because I can totally relate to the craziness of it. Plus she has the cutest little girl that is all over her page so there is no way it cannot be love-able.

2. Sara-She is so warm and thoughtful and it just pours over in blog. She also has another great blog called Momma Findings that just always has the neatest stuff. Oh and she loves ladybugs too. That right there is reason enough to love her.

3. Brittany-This girl is HILARIOUS!! I cannot stop laughing whenever I read her blog, she needs her own reality show I swear.

4.Amanda-She is my newest friend in the blogging world. Her husband is also in the Air Force, they've been through the dreadful Korea year, and they are also on their way to Florida. We're like kindred spirits.

I have a bunch of ranting and raving that I wanted to do but I will save that blog for another day since I'm trying to come off sweet and love-able in this one :)
also if you still havent voted in my poll hurry up and do it!!


Amanduh Huggenkiss said...

Aw! I made the list! I love it. :-)

Kathryn said...

Congrats on your lovely award! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog. :)

Goodies for Mom said...

Congratulations!!!! You won the $25 Barnes & Noble gift card from the Blogging for Blood Cancer event. E-mail your mailing address at lois(@)goodiesformom(.)com