Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mia's first day of school

So yesterday was Mia's first day of preschool. She has been talking about it for months! She was so excited to go. She picked out her outfit the night before and set up her backpack by the door. She was SO ready.

So the morning comes and we get a good breakfast, get dressed, and head out. If she wasn't strapped down she would've jumped from the moving van to get in there. So we head inside and one of the teachers tells her she can go to her classroom while I sign her in. She looks at Keith and he tells her its ok and she took off. No goodbye, no hesitation, just running. I get her signed in and we go into her classroom and she's already made herself at home. She's playing and chatting it up. I start talking to her teacher and Mia starts yelling at me.

This is our conversation:

Mia:"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" (insert eye roll from three year old)

Me: "What? I am supposed to leave now?"

Mia: "YES!"

Well ok then. She gave me and Keith a kiss and she was on her merry way.

Now its time to pick her up. She was sitting in her little chair so well behaved I had to do a double take and make sure it was my child. She was sitting. Still. And quiet. Wow, I'm gonna have to ask Miss A how she does it. Anyway, we walk in and she starts yelling, NOOOOOOOOOOOO I wanna stay!! We round up her things and head out to the van. I start asking about her day and she's not telling much so finally I ask if she had fun. Here is how this conversation went......

Me: "Did you have fun today? Did you laugh or cry at all?"

Mia: "I laughed and cried"

Me: "When did you cry?"

Mia: " When YOU showed up!"

Boy she loves me :)


Tena said...

I just adore her!! She is the best. Glad she likes school and I hope it stays that way.

Kristen Andrews said...

that is cute. I have no idea what Will will be like when he starts preschool. I think I will have more of a problem.