Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quirky me :)

I was tagged by Tena. Here are the rules....Here are the rules for “6 Quirky Things”:

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1. I hate wearing shoes. You're probably thinking this is more "redneck" than quirky. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes. I have a whole closet full to prove this to you. But I am WAY more comfy in just bare feet. Even outside. Yes I said even outside.

2. I'm a serial pocket checker. Keith found this out the first weekend we might. I just always put my hands in people's pockets (people I know of course otherwise this would be creepy, not quirky). I'm not being suspicious or anything, I'm just nosy.

3. I'm not ticklish. I'm really not. I have one teeny tiny spot above my knees that is sort of ticklish but you have to try REALLY hard and get the exact right spot to make me giggle. Other than that I have no ticklish bones in my body.

4. I'm a Febreeze addict. Every morning after I make the beds I have to spray them down. And the curtains, blankets, couches too. I just HAVE to.

5. I hate the phone. I hate hate hate talking on the phone. I will if I absolutely have to but if you need to tell me something, email me. Please.

6. The sound of someone biting down on a fork or spoon makes me cringe. The sound of teeth against metal is like nails on a chalkboard for me.
7. I pop my gum really loud. Its really annoying but I cant stop doing it. So I apologize in advance

I'm tagging: (And I'm only taggin 5 people because I'm pressed for time)

I've also been given an award from Sex Diaries of a Mom. I will claim it and post about it soon I promise!

Me and Keith are heading down to Clearwater Beach ALONE!!! And we wont be back till Sunday. I cant wait to sleep without little feet in my ribs, to not worry about a kiddie menu, no highchairs, and to sleep past 6am! See you when we get back :)


Leigh said...

Like you, I HATE to talk on the phone....and I also cannot stand to hear silverware touch teeth. I dont even like for my teeth to touch. And lets not even talk about popsicycle sticks. Gross.

HAve fun! My husband and I are off a week from Friday to do the same...beach trip, no kids. Canot wait!

Hope ya;ll have a great time.

PS jealous of clearwater. I used to live in sarasota and miss it desperatley! Love it down there. I was 2 miles from the beach.

Brittany said...

THANKS! And I am so thoroughly jealous of your adult time! No kiddie menu!?!?!?!?