Monday, August 18, 2008

You big bag of wind!!

Yes I'm talking about you Fay. I think its pretty inconsiderate of you to show up just days after I get back in to Florida. And just like a typical woman you don't even know what you want, "should I go east....maybe west". I have a ton of things to get done in the next week in order to get settled and you're forcing everyone to close up shop for a few days, therefore delaying my to do list. Thanks for nothing Fay!

Oh well I went and bought a book today so I'm all set for being stuck in the house for the next few days. I have no idea what its about but I haven't had time to get to the library and this book was only $2 at Big Lots so I gave it a shot. Its The Ladies of Garrison Gardens. I'll let you know how it goes.

A few of the things on my to do list is getting Mia set up for school. She starts next Monday. Some poor, I mean lucky, girl is going to get my little diva for three hours a day, five days a week. I'm a little sad about it. I know its only preschool, and I know its only for 3 hours a day but its still a big deal to me. Its going to be hard knowing that when she falls and gets a boo boo (and she will because she is accident prone) that someone else will be comforting her and not me. But I think the hardest part of all is going to be not being able to see what she's doing. She is such a character and has attitude for days that I know its going to be so entertaining. They grow up so fast.....

and speaking of growing up, my little man is a full blown crawler!! I'm doomed now! I don't know what happened to my sit still and watch the world go by little boy, because now he's turned into...well, his sister!! He constantly has to be on the go (or eating) which is making a very tired mama!


Tena said...

Jello shots with your book??
Now that is my idea of a perfect day, and I know you all have them!
Take that Fray!!

April said...

I would be a wreck if I had a hurrican on the way we have tornado so we dont get mush warning, the anticipation would kill me. I remember when my son started to crawl, I was so excited and then realized oh wait why wont you sit still lol! They grow way to fast!