Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Having a brain fart!

I am having such a brain fart lately I just cant think of anything to write. Between getting the kids set up with doctors, dentists, school, and just all the other junk that comes with relocating I cant get my head straight and get back into a rhythm. I'll get there soon, I promise. Until then you just have to deal with it :)
Thankfully Tena over at Punky Monkeys is having a contest, so I get to pass it on and not have to think of anything fun and witty to post myself. Here is how it works:
Meg over at Kiss My Style is giving away one of her adorable magnet sets; Country Time!

Check out her web site Kiss My Style and look around, find your favorite thing ( it will be hard to pick just one), and go here tell Meg in this thread ( <- click) what you like, then go back to Tena's thread here and leave her a comment. Easy enough right? Just do it!


Tena said...

no worries Sammi, you just handle the day to day grind of your real life. We will all be here waiting. Can't wait to see you in a few months

Tena said...

just in case your brain fart was still around, you have been tagged on my blog

Anonymous said...

THose are so cute!