Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adrianne Curry is a GENIUS!

Wait. Don't go. Hear me out on this one.

I know those words sound weird together but the girl knows what she's talking about, this time anyway.

For those of you who don't know watch trashy reality TV religiously, let me just fill you in on who Adrianne Curry is. She was the winner from the first season of America's Next Top Model, she was on the Surreal Life, and she is the girl who married the guy from the Brady Bunch (Christopher Knight).'=

Back to her stroke of genius.

One day I was listening to my local radio station and the morning show was talking about blog that Adrianne Curry had written. It was titled, "Why guys should NOT shake after pissing." I was totally intrigued and came home and read the actual blog. Here it is:

"Do you boys really think that shaking your dick after pissing somehow DRIES the pee off of it? Really?? Who started teaching this primitive and disgusting method? I have already told my husband, if we have a son, I am teaching him to wipe the tip. His wife will one day drop to her knees in thanks. The funniest thing about it is, men wonder why girls don't want to give them head! Well, let me tell you why, it's because your dick is nasty. It is because you don't seem to notice the PISS STAINS on your own underwear when you pull em up over your dribbling wee wee!!

The worst part about it is, the fact that while it dribbles, it drips all over toilet seats, floors, etc! Do you guys understand what it feels like to SIT in someone elses piss? How about stepping in it? No? Well, us women do. We experience it in the middle of the night, in the wee hours of the morning, etc! What makes it worse is when the guy is naked, and he has no underwear to absorb the piss leaking out of his wee wee. Then it gets EVERYWHERE!

I love my blog. It is a place that I can get things off my chest so I can feel better in my everyday life. THIS particular subject has been deeply bothering me for quite some time.I finally feel free

Ladies, would you not agree with me? How many of you suffer this with your boyfriends, brothers, friends, or husband?

Gentlemen, what is so hard about ripping off ONE square to wipe the pee off your wee wee, instead of unsuccessfully trying to fling it all over? Isn't it disrespectful to expect a woman to do anything with a wee wee that has dried pee all over it??"

I guess I've never really thought about this subject because a) my husband is so neat and clean, almost to a fault so I've never had to deal with this problem and b) I'm not at the point in raising my son yet. But boy does she have a good point! And the blog is just plain hysterical

So what does everyone think??


Cheryl said... are it

by the way...those shots look good for the Girl's nite...

Tena said...

this is even better the second time I read it!
Who would have thought something so smart would have come from her!