Monday, August 4, 2008

Hurry up, but slow down too!

In less than a month Keith will be getting on a plane and going to Korea for a year. I cant believe its so close already. These last few weeks feel like they are just dragging by. Thats a good thing because it means we get to spend lots of time together, but I also just want it to hurry up and get here so we can get it over with. Does that make sense?? Probably not, but it does in my head.

That year is going to be hard but I'm just going to try to keep myself super busy. Wait. I have two kids, that should've be a problem. Mia will be in school 5 days a week, Mason will be learning all sorts of new things to keep me on my toes, of course I'll be busy.
I'm trying to plan something each month to look forward to, that way I dont have to look too far into the future and think OMG its still 32097420938427 days till he gets home. Here's my break down.

September: Keith leaves, which sucks. But I have some awesome girlfriends who are going to scoop me up that weekend and keep me busy. Plus football starts this month, awesome :)

October: Halloween!! And Mason's first Halloween to boot. As of now Mia says she wants to be Tinkerbell and Mason has to be Peter Pan. Easy enough. We'll see if this lasts.

November: Start weaning Mason off the boob. This might not seem like a major event to some people but you've obviously never met my son, or his teeth.

December: Christmas of course. AND Mason turns 1!!!
January: My birthday :)
February/March: Surgery for mommy!!! Not sure exactly when this will happen but sometime in this time frame. Finally going to put things back where they belong HAHA!

April: Keith gets to come home for a month! This is going to be awesome

May: Going to Cali! Going to spend some time with the family and then a weekend with some friends. Good times

June: Mia's birthday. And I will be making a trip back up to Augusta to put some more stuff in storage and have our stuff sent to Hawaii. I'll also get to see some of our old friends.

July: Have the van shipped to Hawaii. Which is cool because it means we're closer to being in paradise but it also means I'm car-less.

August: Nothing planned but who cares, Keith will be home in less than a month!!!!

September: He's home and we're on our way to Hawaii :)

on a side note. This is going to be a CRAZY two weeks coming up so please dont feel like I'm neglecting my blog. Most likely the computer will be unplugged or we'll be en route to Florida. I cant believe its time to move down there already and for Mia to start school. She's so excited and so am I :)


Anonymous said...

That is quite the list of plans!! What a bummer that your hubby has to go for a year! Glad you have stuff to do each month until he gets home ;)

Massey Family said...

I look up to amazing wives & mothers like you, to have their husbands leave for 1 year. Wow!!! My prayers are with you and all servicemen serving. My cousins husband is leaving in September for Baghdad he is also in the Air Force. You amazing women!!! Good luck to your little one going to preschool, it is crazy, school time goes by really fast. My oldest is in 5th grade I can't believe it. Good luck with your move, and with your Sweetie leaving. Good Luck!!!

Good Luck

This Mom said...

WOW I really admire you. Though there are time I want to kill my hubby I cannot imagine a year without him. Thanks for visiting me.